Making Banking Rewarding

Partnering with banks to bring the power of gifting into mobile banking

Mission: To create engaging tools that empower people to get the most of their banking experience

Here's how...

Send Gifts to Friends

Instantly connect with your friends & family with digital gift cards from both national and local brands

Upload Physical Cards

Conveniently upload physical cards into a streamline mobile wallet to never forget a card again

Use at the Register

All digital gift cards come with a barcode that can be scanned at the register--simplifying the transaction

Gifting is at our core

#1 most requested gift

Gift cards are the #1 most requested gift each year because gifting is a part of our nature. In a world where we're increasingly spread out, digital gift cards bring us together.

Both local and national brands

The Mimble platform includes both small and large brands. This means that you can help support local business while providing something for everyone.

Digital engagement

Consumers today are looking for new ways to engage with the financial ecosystem. Be top of mind for birthdays, graduations, holidays, and more.

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Connect commercial & retail

Helping everyone

By bringing retail distribution to mobile banking, we help banks drive increased benefit to their commercial accounts, increasing engagement on both sides.

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