The Team

Rocky Rosenberg, CEO

As a prepaid products pioneer, Rocky was involved in shaping the current digital gift card revolution. He was on the ground floor and instrumental in creating Coinstar’s, Cashstar’s (now Blackhawk) and Giftango’s (now InComm) digital gift card distribution programs. He’s the main point of contact for all of our great brand partners. When not building mimble, you can find Rocky cheering the Seahawks or exploring Washington state.

Holger Selover-Stephan, CTO

Holger has 20 years of tech development with Amazon, start-ups, and his own companies. He has built scalable technology at all levels and knows how to architect a product from the ground, up. He is passionate about understanding the motivation behind the product to build the right solution for today and in the future. His expertise across multiple tech means that mimble stays cutting-edge, not legacy. When not building mimble, Holger usually tinkering in his shop or flying his plane.