The Team

Chad Huber, CEO

Chad is an entrepreneur of multiple companies with a passion for helping people. He has worked with people throughout his entire career across fitness, tech, and finance. He loves providing real value to customers with authentic curiosity. When not building mimble, you can find him on the ski slopes, on a basketball court, or backpacking in the Cascades.

Holger Selover-Stephan, CTO

Holger has 20 years of tech development with Amazon, start-ups, and his own companies. He has built scalable technology at all levels and knows how to architect a product from the ground, up. He is passionate about understanding the motivation behind the product to build the right solution for today and in the future. His expertise across multiple tech means that mimble stays cutting-edge, not legacy. When not building mimble, Holger usually tinkering in his shop or flying his plane.

Rocky Rosenberg, CRO

As a prepaid products pioneer, Rocky was involved in shaping the current digital gift card revolution. He was on the ground floor and instrumental in creating Coinstar’s, Cashstar’s (now Blackhawk) and Giftango’s (now InComm) digital gift card distribution programs. He’s the main point of contact for all of our great brand partners. When not building mimble, you can find Rocky cheering the Seahawks or exploring Washington state.

About mimble

We started in early 2017 in Portland, Oregon with the mission to improve the financial experience through a simple and interactive tools. Our products help people connect with the people and brands they love in mobile apps.

Core Values

1. Own it
Working for a big mission consists of many parts–aka lots of teamwork. Owners take responsibility for their work and getting the team to achieve its goal.

2. Create and clarify
Creators, builders, & inventors are always welcomed. We’re solving big problems and finding new ones that haven’t been solved. Creators combine ideas from everywhere and everyone to produce amazing solutions.

3. Ask and you shall learn
Ask “why?”, don’t assume, and dive deep. These traits create the foundation for growth. Leaders know that asking questions is the best way to spread knowledge. Great leaders are simultaneously always learning and always sharing their knowledge.

4. Think big. Execute small.
Monumental change doesn’t come from incremental improvement, but it does require great execution at every step. Visionaries think big then execute in small..

5. Have a tendency towards action & pro-activity
Going forward is better than standing still. If you don’t know where to go, then pick the direction you think is best with the knowledge you have and go. Leaders trust their ability and their team to figure it out.

6. Change quickly
Don’t wait, once you have information that requires a change, do it. Everything that’s already been done is a sunk cost. Own the change and go.

7. Be trustworthy and trusting
Listen to others, share your opinion, and be candid with respect. Be someone who others can come to for help and someone that goes to others for help.

8. Disagree then commit
The best people think for themselves, share their ideas with discourse, then commit together. No undermining each other. No holding back opinions. Once a decision is made, the team goes forward together.

9. Upfront honesty
The best communicators are honest with themselves and with others. At all times. We believe in growth through tough questions.

10. We’re all humans
At end of the day, we’re all people. While business is a huge part of life, it’s not all of it. Our people are people, both in the office and when away from work.

We believe in growing a company that empowers employees, investors, and users to make the most out of life regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, or location. A company where people love to work, are fairly compensated, and invested in improving their local community. A place that helps people grow as humans while they grow their career.

Right now, we’re a small team with low diversity, but we’re investing in tools and feedback to help us see (and change) our blind spots and biases. We welcome your help achieving our mission and goals.